Outer panel repairs (steel, aluminum and plastic) already account for 60% of work completed by body shops - and the percentage is growing.

Born out of BETAG’s work with OEMs to develop technical repair solutions for the materials used to manufacture today’s outer panels, BETAG produces a comprehensive range of advanced repair equipment, designed around the technician, to enable them to work precisely and efficiently.

As the percentage of non-structural outer panels continues to increase, BETAG's outer panel repair 'toolbox' can be customized according to actual work mix and volume (within the overall shop or individual work bay).

All of BETAG's tools complement each other, giving technicians the opportunity to use different repair methods and techniques in combination with each other, to complete a wide range of high quality outer panel repairs, in accordance with OEM standards.

Small Damage

Our Small Damage range includes the pioneering T-Hotbox and Alu T-Hotbox tools.

For more information about our Small Damage range please click here. Or download a PDF version of our Small Damage brochure here.

Panel Repair

BETAG’s Panel Repair range includes the Flatliner Panel Repair System, which is approved and recommended by OEMs from North America, Europe and Asia.

For more information about our complete Panel Repair range, for steel and aluminum, please click here. Or download a PDF version of our Panel Repair brochure here.

Plastic Repair

Our Plastic Repair range centers around the Plastic Fusion System, which provides technicians with an easy to use, complete solution for plastic repair.

For more information about our complete Plastic Repair range, please click here. Or download a PDF version of our Plastic Repair brochure here.

Glue Repair

Download a PDF version of our Glue Repair brochure here.

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