Herbers Autobody Repair
5 Collision Centers, Edmonton, AB

Herbers Autobody is one of Edmonton’s most successful and innovative collsion repairers, operating from 5 separate locations in Edmonton, AB.


  • 18% increase in labor hours sold - in the same square footage.

  • Significant labor efficiency gains.

  • 16% improvement in cycle time (now c. 5 days faster than industry).

  • More insurance company referrals.

How This Was Achieved?

Herbers implemented BETAG’s effective training and advanced equipment program in each of their five locations. When asked how BETAG’s program had improved overall performance, Rodd Hallett – Operations Director for Herbers Autobody said:

  • "We’ve reduced the impact of parts’ delays."

  • "We’re selling more repair labor – our gross profit on a part sale averages around 24%. By comparison our gross profit on labor is about 62%, which enabled us to realize a quick return on our investment."

  • "Repair labor hours are much more efficient than panel replacement hours."

  • "The insurance companies recognize our parts repair ratios are better than industry and are referring more business our way."

More recently, Rodd added “…the Flatliner is very well engineered. The equipment is used frequently by ‘not-so-gentle’ technicians, and I am pleased to report that we have had very little equipment downtime in the past 3.5 years. I wish our resistance welders were equal to this.”

Clear Carrep

Clear Carrep and Axa Insurance
95 Independent Collision Repair Centers, Switzerland


  • 50% increase in non-structural, drivable damage repair/replace ratio.

  • Average cost per non-structural, drivable damage claim reduced by 15.7%.

  • Move to repairer self-authorization of non-structural, drivable damage repairs.

  • Environmentally more friendly – 3 fully grown beech trees take 12 months to store the CO2 emissions produced during the manufacture and disposal of a bumper cover.

How This Was Achieved?

  • Communication - Consistent messaging throughout the business – to align ownership, management, CSRs & technicians.

  • Effective Training – underpinned by a minimum requirement for CSRs and technicians to attend 7 specific training classes.


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