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Effective technical training for a new generation of collision repair estimators & technicians.

As vehicle technology and the materials used for manufacturing cars continues to rapidly evolve, it has never been more important for collision repairers to focus on developing the knowledge, skills and performance of their people to stay ahead.

To ensure safe and proper repairs, carried out in accordance with OEM specifications, estimators and technicians must be able to understand and carry out detailed repair instructions and procedures.

BETAG’s training and equipment program focuses on this – delivering tangible benefits to vehicle owners, collision repairers, insurers and OEMs.

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BETAG is driving the new performance standard for collision repair estimators and technicians. Courses are now available at 22 regional training centers across the USA and Canada.

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Comprising 3 distinct levels, BETAG takes a modularized approach to training with optional skill assessment and certification components before and after each level.

This approach limits loss of productivity; and enables less experienced technicians to become more productive after each training course.

Training classes are instructor led and hands-on, to improve knowledge retention and the learning experience.

Technician Training

BETAG’s comprehensive, instructor led, outer panel repair training program is suitable for technicians of all experience levels – to develop their knowledge & skills to efficiently complete proper and safe repairs of non-structural steel, aluminum and plastic outer panels.

For more information about each of the courses in BETAG’s technician training curriculum, click on the courses below.

Estimator Training

BETAG’s estimator training program combines a range of technically focussed classes for career estimators and CSRs; with a comprehensive learning syllabus for aspiring estimators and CSRs with little or no previous experience.

For more information about each of the courses in BETAG’s estimator training curriculum, click on the courses below.

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