eLearning Curriculum

The following courses are now available to complement our full range of instructor led, On Location training, BETAG has developed an eLearning program, with online eModules and livestreamed eClasses.

The first elements of our eLearning program are primarily focused on non-structural damage to outer panels (currently 60%+ of the work mix in shops).

They are perfect for less experienced estimators and technicians wanting to increase their knowledge, skills and productivity - although early market feedback suggests the content is equally valuable as a refresher for more experienced estimators and technicians.

The following courses are now available in eLearning format, and concentrate on non-structural damage to outer panels (currently 60%+ of the work mix in shops):

  • Estimator/Service Adviser – Level 1

  • Medium Panel – Level 1

  • Plastic Restoration

For more information about each and to register, please click on the course boxes below.

Effective Training Increases Profitability...

...And Benefits Everyone In The Repair Process


Each of our eCourses consists of up to 10 topic focused eModules, which are available 24/7 for writers and technicians to take at their convenience and to fit around the demands of the business.

These are supported by up to 4 scheduled eClasses, which are livestreamed from our training workshop (now studio!). These are interactive, hands-on focused instructor led classes, which we run on a regular, ongoing basis and need to be pre-booked.

These can all be supplemented with our 'on Location' training classes, for repairers that want to maximize learning and performance improvement.


In combination with BETAG's On Location training, our eLearning Program offers repairers a flexible, cost effective way to develop estimators’ and technicians’ knowledge & skills - without compromise to learning objectives.

This is achieved by:

  • Enhancing knowledge retention and embedding behaviour change - by creating an easily accessible resource library that estimators and technicians can continue to access after completion of training

  • Minimizing loss of workshop productivity - by enabling estimators and technicians to complete some learning elements remotely before attending in person training

  • Reducing associated travel and subsistence costs

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