Level 1
2 Days

BETAG’s Estimator training program is relevant for estimators with some work experience. It is a technically focused program centered on 4 core modules: Customer First; Vehicle Structure; Damage Analysis; and Repair Methods.

The knowledge and skills learned in this program can be applied to all estimates regardless of size and complexity and will enhance all customer and insurance company interactions.

This benefits the estimator by enabling them to: write more accurate first-time estimates, taking full account of relevant OEM repair procedures and position statements; and to present compelling reasons to support their judgments to insurers.

Improved customer communication and establishing a more reliable timeframe for repair completion and vehicle return should lead to improved CSI scores and collision centers will be able to rely on more accurate first-time estimates, written in accordance with OEM procedures, when ordering parts and scheduling workflow.

Course Objective

Develop estimators’ skills to quickly and properly assess damage and produce accurate and complete repair estimates, taking full account of relevant OEM repair procedures and position statements.


Day 1 focuses on the Customer First and Vehicle Structure modules, using a combination of classroom, role play and practical modules to increase knowledge and skills.

Day 2 continues with an in-depth series of practical modules designed to improve technical damage analysis skills, before learning how to properly research OEM repair procedures and the importance of ensuring they are incorporated into the estimate and or repair plan.

Note - New and aspiring CSRs, repair planners and writers should consider BETAG’s Estimator Development Program. Please contact us for more information about our Estimator Development Program, which we will be launching in North America during the second half of 2020.

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