MotionLED 33 Estimator Light

Why you need the MotionLED 33 Estimator Light

BETAG’s MotionLED 33 Estimator light makes it quick and easy for estimators to observe and accurately identify all damages on the vehicle at check in - particularly small dents & scratches that are often missed.

During the check in or initial appraisal process the light’s smaller size and specially designed arm makes it easy to check for damage on large horizontal panels like the roof and hood, as well as the lower sections of vertical panels like doors, quarter panels, bumpers and fenders.

For collision centers committed to developing best in class process, the MotionLED 33 Estimator should be used in combination with the 8421 MotionLED and carbon fiber extension arm to analyze, mark up and take images of identified damage areas in detail.

Return On Investment

MSRP: $1,295 USD.

The MotionLED 33 Estimator will pay for itself in the time it takes to identify a handful of the small dents, scratches and indentations that often go unnoticed at check in - but always get noticed when the vehicle is being handed back to the customer.


The MotionLED 33 Estimator Light comes in a robust carry case, with custom foam inlay.

The case includes the ML33 light, extension arm with battery holder and adjustable handle, arm rest with magnetic attachment for quick and easy assembly and the battery charger.

The battery lasts for up to 12 hours (on the warm light setting), with an 8 hour charge cycle. LEDs show the remaining charge in 25% increments.

The light has two LED strips (warm and bright), which can be selected according to vehicle color and ambient light.

Demonstration Video

Watch our product video to see the MotionLED 33 Estimator light in action.

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