1 & 2 Day Option

Glue repair continues to be a major component of BETAG's Small Damage Repair training curriculum, to which we have now added this advanced glue pulling course.

Relevant to technicians of all experience levels, this course develops the knowledge and skills needed to use glue (in isolation or in combination with other methods) to repair much larger areas of damage on steel and aluminum panels – often significantly reducing the refinish area and time.

This new course is offered as a 1 Day class, when taken in conjunction with one of our Panel Repair - Steel or Panel Repair - Aluminum classes. Or as a 2 Day class, if taken as a standalone course.

Course Objective

Increase technicians’ skills to repair medium sized damages on steel and aluminum outer panels with glue, by implementing advanced repair techniques that uphold quality and efficiency of the repair process.

Overview - 2 Day Class

Day 1 starts with the characteristics of plastic and elastic deformations and using light to identify the complete damage area and various zones within it – before focusing on basic glue pulling and knocking down techniques.

Day 2 builds on the knowledge and skills needed to straighten more complex, larger deformations – by introducing the use of a bridge system and Speedline tabs together with a combination of the techniques learned on day one.

Overview - 1 Day Class
(must be taken in conjunction with Panel Repair – Steel – Level 1 or Panel Repair – Aluminum – Level 1)

This is condensed version of the content in the 2 Day class, on the premise that some elements from each of the days are covered in the Panel Repair classes.

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