The Glue Repair section of BETAG’s outer panel repair toolbox contains a range of advanced equipment designed around the technician, to enable them to work precisely and efficiently.

Glue has a wide range of applications across steel and aluminum panel repair. It can be used as a less invasive repair method in isolation for smaller damage - and is a quick and easy means of significantly reducing or completely repairing larger damage, particularly when used in combination with some of BETAG's other repair tools and techniques.

BETAG's versatile Speedline system is available in Eco, Business and Pro versions. It can be configured as a single comprehensive system for use across the whole shop - or several satellite systems, for individual work bays in busier shops.

To see BETAG’s Speedline and Dentliner systems in action, please watch this selection of repair videos:

For more information about BETAG’s complete range of Glue Repair systems and accessories, please contact us, or click here to view the brochure.

You can also download the brochure here.

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