High quality, versatile task lighting is an absolute must have for all writers and technicians.

BETAG produces a comprehensive range of specialized task lights that optimize lighting conditions - to help identify damage more easily and facilitate high quality repairs.

BETAG’s lighting systems are equally valuable for estimators, repair planners and technicians.

Estimators use them to more easily identify and mark all the damage on a panel; and produce much higher quality images of the damage to submit to the customer or insurer.

Specialized task lighting transforms the way in which PDR and autobody technicians can straighten panels, enabling them to deliver higher quality work, more quickly and efficiently.

To see BETAG’s new MotionLED lighting system in action, please watch this selection of videos:

Estimator Application
Technician Application

For more information about BETAG’s complete range of lighting systems and accessories, please contact us, or click here to view the brochure. (Lighting can be found on pages 6 to 9).

You can also download the brochure here.

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