Level 1
1 Day

Relevant to technicians of all experience levels, BETAG’s Plastic Repair program focuses on developing the knowledge and skills necessary to repair plastic panels and parts properly and safely. It also includes modules to develop technicians’ awareness of the various ADAS systems that can be affected and steps that need to be taken to research and implement associated OEM repair procedures.

These skills can be applied across a wide range of repairs to plastic panels and parts, including bumper covers; tabs and clips; headlights and other light clusters; door mirror casings and other plastic parts.

This benefits the technician by enabling them to complete repairs more quickly (to a similar or higher quality standard) and repair some panels or parts that would previously have been replaced.

Course Objective

Increase technicians’ skills to repair plastic panels and parts, by implementing advanced repair techniques that uphold quality and efficiency of the repair process.


Kicking off with a module to develop understanding of the different types of plastic used throughout modern vehicles, and the importance of referencing OEM procedures to determine suitability for repair, the majority of this 1 day class focuses on different types of repair methods (including welding and 2 part chemical repair). These are used to complete a range of repairs during the class including scratches, tears, holes and tabs. The course also incorporates modules on substrate preparation and finishing.

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