The Plastic Repair section of BETAG’s outer panel repair toolbox contains a range of advanced equipment designed around the technician, to enable them to work precisely and efficiently.

BETAG’s Plastic Fusion system is a complete plastic repair workstation that enables technicians to produce consistently high-quality plastic outer panel repairs, including: bumper covers; wheel arch liners; headlights, door mirror casings; and other plastic parts.

To see BETAG’s plastic repair systems in action, please watch this selection of repair videos:

Using high temperature and low air volume (technicians have the option to choose whether to use nitrogen in the process or not) and universal welding strips, the Plastic Fusion system is easy to use and reduces the inventory of different types of welding strips that body shops have to keep on hand.

For more information about BETAG’s complete range of plastic repair systems and accessories, please contact us, or click here to view the brochure. You can also download the brochure here.

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