Level 1
2 Days

Relevant to technicians of all experience levels, BETAG’s Small Damage Repair program starts by focusing on the fundamentals of metal repair. These include identifying the complete damage area; understanding the characteristics of plastic and elastic deformations; and using a combination of basic body repair techniques to repair small damage without need for filler.

These skills can be applied across a wide range of panel damage – from small dents often found on a panel adjacent to the main damage area; through to ‘pre-pushing’ much larger dents, to reduce the overall size of the damage area.

This benefits the technician by enabling them to: complete repairs more quickly (to a similar or higher quality standard); repair some panels that would previously have been replaced; and significantly reduce the refinish area on all types of damages to save time, cost of materials and improve the overall quality of repair.

Course Objective

Increase technicians’ skills to repair small sized damages on steel and aluminum outer panels, by implementing advanced repair techniques that uphold quality and efficiency of the repair process.


Day 1 focuses on 'paint less' and 'push to paint' techniques for quickly & efficiently repairing small damage, using the T-Hotbox, glue pulling and knocking down. The importance of using light properly, to analyze and repair damage is also covered during the first day.

Day 2 builds on the skills learned on day 1, by introducing advanced small damage repair techniques, including the use of rods, picks and levers.

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