Betag Structural Repair Specialist Program (SRS)

Launching in the second half of 2024, our Structural Repair Specialist Program (SRS) focuses on developing the core skills necessary to complete structural repairs to exacting OEM standards.

Part of our Skill Development Pathway, SRS is also suitable for more experienced technicians wanting to improve their structural repair knowledge & skills.


For more experienced technicians, our Skill Assessment Program provides a way to benchmark and verify repair skills across the whole spectrum of our Skill Development Pathway.

Launching in North America in 2024, this will enable technicians, shop owners & OEMs to identify specific skill gaps and training requirements.

To register interest in our Skill Assessment Program, please complete this form.


Launching in the second half of 2024, our Master Mentorship Program (MMP) combines our online and remote support with in-shop mentoring and ongoing skill assessment to continue building on the knowledge & skills acquired in OPRS and SRS to become a proficient Master Technician.

To register your interest in our SRS program please complete this form.

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