Attracting, motivating and retaining skilled technicians is an industry wide challenge that causes production delays and limits business performance. BETAG’s Outer Panel Repair Specialist (OPRS) training and accreditation program focuses on developing a new generation of high-performance apprentice, journeyman and master technicians to address this.

The OPRS learning pathway provides a clear roadmap to acquire (or refine) the knowledge and skills necessary for repairing today’s steel, aluminum, plastic and glass panels.

Shared Benefits

  • Provides a development program and career path for apprentice & new journeyman technicians

  • Attracts, motivates and helps retain journeyman technicians

  • Increases productivity & repair quality

Repairer Benefits

  • Attract, develop & retain technicians

  • Increase gross margin by improving repair replace, touch time & labor margin metrics

  • Increase workflow by out-performing on CSI & Insurer performance metrics

  • Reduce carbon footprint

Technician Benefits

  • Develop an ‘immediately employable’ skill set

  • Access to Resources and Support for specific help or advice about outer panel repairs

  • Exclusive access to special offers and promotions

Learning Pathway

BETAG’s OPRS Learning Pathway provides a clear roadmap for developing a comprehensive outer panel repair capability. 12 instructor led, workshop based training days are split into 3 learning phases over 4 months. These are followed by a formal 2-day skill assessment after 6 months, prior to accreditation.


BETAG Outer Panel Repair Specialist Accreditation is awarded to technicians on successful completion of all elements of the program and a formal skill assessment.

This is recognized with a BETAG OPRS plaque and individual completion certificates for each of the training course components.

Accreditations are maintained on BETAG’s eGuidance platform and, with the technician’s permission, will be accessible to repairers, OEMs and Insurance companies that recognize BETAG’s OPRS program.

Resources & Support

BETAG offers a range of additional resources to technicians before, during and after the OPRS training program, which are intended to encourage continuous learning and opportunity to ask for specific help or advice about outer panel repair.

BETAG Learning Center

BETAG’s earning Center provides estimators and technicians with a simple means of accessing eModules; completion certificates; course reference manuals; and personal workbooks with notes taken during classes.

BETAG North America Facebook Group

BETAG NA operates a private Facebook Group for estimators and technicians who have attended training - which they are encouraged to use to communicate with each other and share successes, ideas, tips and tricks. BETAG’s trainers are also members of the group and on hand to answer questions about repair methods and equipment set up for outer panel repairs.

Ask Our BETAG Trainer

This provides technicians with an opportunity to arrange time with a BETAG Trainer to ask a question about damage analysis, repair methods or equipment set up for a specific repair.

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