We are entering uncharted waters: as an industry; and a society. Navigating them successfully requires all of us to find new ways to innovate, adapt and collaborate.

BETAG Innovation’s commitment to this is absolute.

Building on the success of our instructor-led, outer panel repair training program, estimators and technicians will soon be able to access an increasing range of eLearning modules and live, video-streamed training classes through BETAG’s Learning Center.

This will provide collision repairers an opportunity to continue to develop the knowledge, skills and performance of their people now - to optimize their capabilities when spring returns to our industry.

Please contact us to find out more about our range of eLearning modules and live, video-streamed training classes, or to be kept informed about the status of our training classes in your region. We will also regularly update the status of our traditional, instructor led training classes here.


Effective technical training for a new generation of collision repair estimators & technicians.

As vehicle technology and the materials used for manufacturing cars continues to rapidly evolve, it has never been more important for collision repairers to focus on developing the knowledge, skills and performance of their people to stay ahead.

To ensure safe and proper repairs, carried out in accordance with OEM specifications, estimators and technicians must be able to understand and carry out detailed repair instructions and procedures.

BETAG’s training and equipment program focuses on this – delivering tangible benefits to vehicle owners, collision repairers, insurers and OEMs.

BETAG is driving the new performance standard for collision repair estimators and technicians. Courses are now available at 22 regional training centers across the USA and Canada.

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Training Centres


Technician Training

BETAG’s comprehensive, instructor led, outer panel repair training program is suitable for technicians of all experience levels – to develop their knowledge & skills to efficiently complete proper and safe repairs of non-structural steel, aluminum and plastic outer panels.

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Estimator Training

BETAG’s estimator training program combines a range of technically focussed classes for career estimators and CSRs; with a comprehensive learning syllabus for aspiring estimators and CSRs with little or no previous experience.

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Training is often only viewed as an expensive compliance requirement - that negatively impacts productivity and burdens body shops with additional cost.

This misses the measurable performance improvements and positive impact developing the knowledge & skills of estimators and technicians has on bottom line performance, including:

  • Increasing productivity of less experienced technicians – to improve average labor gross margin; and address shortage of skilled technicians
  • Improving repair/replace ratio - to increase gross profit and bottom line performance
  • Improving overall quality of repairs and reducing re-works
  • Increasing ‘Touch Time’ and reducing ‘Key to Key’ times
  • Utilizing ROI from improving the non-structural repair process to invest in training and equipment for more capital-intensive structural repairs

To find out why BETAG’s training and equipment program is having such a positive impact on collision center performance click here.


BETAG partners with several North American, European and Asian OEMs to develop and facilitate their collision repair training programs.

Options range from delivering turn-key, private label training content to creating bespoke, manufacturer specific training programs – for delivery on a reginal or global basis.

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2020 sees the launch of BETAG’s ground-breaking estimator and technician development program.

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BETAG has developed a range of eModules and live streamed eClasses to support its in person, instructor led training courses.

Used in combination, these three learning formats enable OEMs and repairers to cost effectively assess, develop and maintain estimators’ and technicians’ knowledge & skills without compromise to learning objectives.

This is achieved by:

  • Enhancing knowledge retention and embedding behaviour change, by creating an easily accessible resource library that estimators and technicians can continue to access after completion of training

  • Minimizing loss of workshop productivity by enabling estimators and technicians to complete some learning elements remotely before attending in person training

  • Reducing associated travel and subsistence costs

For more information about BETAG’s training curriculum, click here.

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