“Our technicians have increased their repair vs replace percentages as well as their productivity (which was already extremely good!).

BETAG’s training has been one of the most impactful things I’ve seen at the production level”

Ed Dietz – Lefler Collision & Glass, IN

Outer panel damage accounts for 60% of today’s repairs. This percentage is growing as ADAS becomes commonplace and the accident rate continues to decline. For collision centers, this means future business growth will be reliant on increasing market share by outperforming competitors.

The Solution

To achieve this, collision centers must exceed the expectations of increasingly well-informed customers, by:

  • Delivering an exceptional customer experience

  • Consistently producing safe and proper repairs

  • Excelling at non-structural damage to outer panels, which already accounts for the majority of repair work in shops

Effective Training

Effective, skills-based training is key to this.

High performance body shops embrace this as part of an ongoing commitment to develop their teams’ Knowledge, Skills and Performance.

BETAG’s comprehensive estimator and technician training program empowers:

  • CSRs and estimators to deliver exceptional customer experience - founded on a detailed technical knowledge of damage analysis and OEM repair processes

  • Technicians to excel at properly repairing non-structural, drivable damage - quickly and efficiently


“BETAG’s hands on training has broadened our technician’s perspective of how to repair metal. And the aluminum training was a game changer."

Dan Koenigsberg – Anderson Body Shop, MD

In an industry where the knowledge, skills and performance of estimators and technicians can have such a material impact on efficiency and profitability, BETAG’s training and equipment program delivers a tangible list of process and business benefits.

Business Benefits

  • Increase productivity of less experienced technicians – to improve average labor gross margin and address the shortage of skilled technicians

  • Improve repair/replace ratio - to increase gross profit and bottom line performance

  • Increase ‘Touch Time’ and reduce ‘Key to Key’ times

  • Utilize ROI from improving the outer panel repair process to invest in training and equipment for more capital-intensive structural repairs

Process Benefits

  • Increase workshop efficiency and capacity

  • Increase total number of vehicles repaired

  • Reduce number of re-works

To find out more about the difference BETAG’s training and equipment program has made for collision centers and techicians in North America, click here for a selection of case studies.


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